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2019 Convening

October 28 - November 1, 2019

Harvard Leadership Institute of Faith and Education


Event Theme:

Isolation is The Enemy of Improvement:

A Practical Approach to Intersecting Faith and Education

Dr. Irvin Scott with attendees


As parents, educators, and community members seek new and effective approaches to improve student outcomes and close persistent performance gaps in America, evidence highlights the importance of faith-based organizations as a viable and important community partner, especially in historically marginalized communities. While there are many examples of successful education and faith-based partnerships, there is still need for more evidence, knowledge capture and sharing as well as pro-active forums to elevate best practices and model the collective action needed to close achievement gaps and improve the lives of our most vulnerable youth.

We imagine the Leadership Institute for Faith and Education as a catalyst for igniting a national movement that is inclusive of faith based institutions, schools, and their administrative teams, and communities including students and parents.

Who Should Attend?

  • Public school educators (teachers, principals and superintendents) working in under-resourced urban schools with significant African American, Hispanic and low income populations

  • Leaders from a diverse range of faith-based communities (Christian, Muslim, Jewish etc.) found in urban communities in close proximity to under-resourced public schools

  • Faith-based and education individuals/teams from underserved rural communities

  • Foundation officials interested in understanding and funding faith-based and education partnerships

  • Public policy makers interested in the role of religion in civic life


  • Understand the rationale for systemic, integrated faith-based and education partnerships (in contrast to random acts of partnership).

  • Understand the historical context for faith-based and education partnerships, in particular the importance of critical race theory in understanding the rationale for partnerships between school and church.

  • Understand the First Amendment to the Constitution and its two clauses, the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause, as they offer parameters, possibilities and limits to faith-based organizations and education partnerships.

  • Explore and analyze the components of key successful, working examples of faith-based and education partnerships.

  • Begin to devise an Action Plan with which to return to schools, faith-based organizations and community structures.

For the 2019 newsletter, download below.

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